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FPV Starting guide

In this guide I will try and help those of you that want to get started with FPV (First Person View) but don’t know where to start or what to buy. I will try to teach you what to look for and what to look out for when choosing your first components. The guide is segmented into two parts “The basic FPV setup” and the “The “advanced” stuff”. The first part being more in depths, giving basic understanding, and the second part is more of a “carrot” showing ways to enhancing the FPV experience once you got going.

FPV flying isn’t quite as easy to do as one might think – “It is like learning to fly radio control all over again”. Do not attempt to fly full FPV the first few flights! It’s best to either fly your plane normally (visually) with the FPV gear on it and record the flight so that you afterwards can watch the recording and get used to the FPV point of view, or have a friend fly your plane while you watch the video feed. The important thing is to get used to navigate from the air, which is quite a lot harder than it sounds. A good tip is to before the flight, spot out big landmarks that are easy to see from the air and remember how they are located in relations to your self. You do not want to get disoriented in the air, that will most definitely lead to a crashed or lost airplane. A friend that can visually follow the airplane for you (a “spotter”) and take over if you get disorientated or the video gear malfunctions is a good idea. Take it slow, don’t rush things. It’s easy to loose a FPV airplane.
Other than that you will need these things to succeed:

  • Skill enough to fly/stear a RC vehicle visually
  • Basic electronics understanding
  • Soldering skills
  • Free time
  • Patience
  • Money

If you got that were good to go!

What airplane is suitable for FPV
To be able to do FPV you need a vehicle of some sort. It can be a car, boat, heli, hovercraft or what ever you want. Since most people that want to do FPV fly airplanes, I will be using that as my starting point to this guide. So what is the best beginner FPV airplane? That is a tricky question since it depends on taste. You first FPV airplane should be:

  • Stable
  • Easy to fly
  • Able to carry extra weight
  • Roomy inside the fuselage

There are many different airplanes out there that are good for FPV flying, and different people like different airplanes, If I had to recommend an airplane it would be the Multiplex Easy Star. It fulfills all points on the checklist above with ease, it can also take extremely much abuse and it can be modified a lot and still fly great. For these reasons it’s by far the most used FPV plane out there. The Easy Star is also the perfect first airplane for those of you that can’t fly RC yet.

Here is a link to my Easy Star FPV build log
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